Strategic Management - 

Increasing shareholder value

Strategic Management Planning

Our main objective is to help drive up shareholder value. By optimizing companies on a large scale or by addressing specific issues, well-structured business owners are either prepared to grow organically, make acquisitions, or in position to optimize a successful exit strategy.

Operational Efficiency

Galsa Capital’s associates include specialists in many areas including ISO certification specialists, operational efficiency experts and lean manufacturing engineers.

Organizational Development

We work with several HR specialists who are able to provide guidance in succession planning, recruiting, coaching, processes and procedures, and other areas.


The key to strategic management consulting is to understand the shareholders' objectives and agree on specific strategies that foster positive, long-term development. In other words, we understand and embrace the positive elements of the business and are prepared to adapt in areas where change is necessary.

Special Projects

Clients have engaged our services for specific strategic projects when internal expertise, knowledge and availability is limited. Examples include: identifying acquisition targets in a specific industry, purchasing asset portfolios in a specified industry, accessing debt for a finance company and other pursuits.