Assessment Tools

Strategic Assessment

The Galsa team invites you for a 90-minute meeting where we will ask general business questions about your company and enter financial data into our internal scoring models. The process works best for privately held companies with revenues between $3M and $100M in manufacturing, distribution, transportation, construction, and services. Your company’s up to date financial information is required (to view our sample documents click the images below).
Strategic Health Scorecard:

In the first phase of our strategic assessment, we will ask questions relating to: strategy, operations, HR, IT, sales, corporate vision, and finance. The score, expressed as a percentage, benchmarks your organization's overall "business health" with breakdowns by category.

Enterprise Value Range:

In order to provide you with a fair assessment of your enterprise's value (presented as a range), we will send you a list of required financial and operational documentation ahead of the meeting, along with an executed non-disclosure agreement.

Financial Stability Scorecard:

Using much of the same documentation as for our Enterprise Value Range module, we will enter your company's financial data into our scoring model. In addition to an overall score and industry comparison (benchmark), we will rate your company's financial performance in the areas of solvency, liquidity, operational performance, and profitability.