Securing Future growth

Mergers & Acquisitions

Selling or buying a business is often the most important financial transaction that an entrepreneur will make in his or her lifetime. Galsa, its associates and network of professionals will help business owners reach their objectives.


The process of buying or selling a business is complex; in addition to critical planning, there is often an emotional response component from both the buyer and the seller. Galsa Capital understands that each company has a unique identity that is tied to its ownership. Our objective is to facilitate the buying or selling process while managing associated change.

Selling a business

Galsa Capital will find the right buyer and help coordinate your optimal exit strategy based on market conditions and the shareholders’ desired objectives. Our focus is on mandates where the majority of the shares are sold to a third party.

Buying a business

For companies in specific market segments wishing to expand by way of “Add-on” (vertical growth) or “Bolt-on” (related strategic acquisition), the path is often clear. In these situations, we are engaged to pre-qualify potential sellers, organize meetings, and, in some cases, protect the identity of the acquirer. As the situations arise, we recommend experienced professionals - from within our network - throughout the process. For individuals, this is more complicated as the array of possibilities is often expansive. Galsa Capital offers consulting services for buyers on an hourly basis. The goal is to tighten the scope and identify the best fit before beginning the search.


Galsa Capital has been an active member of the M&A club, which has over 400 members, for many years. In addition to volunteering as a Chapter President for 2 years, Galsa Capital participates in trade shows and conferences to stay connected. Our direct network includes senior executives at accounting and law firms, banks, financial institutions, specialized consultants, and many other stakeholders throughout North America.