Beyond the usual scope

Financial Solutions

Companies at times require financial solutions that are beyond the usual scope of their banker. Additionally, many consider spreading the risk between several financial institutions to be a sound business practice. Galsa Capital works with dozens of financial institutions throughout North America and is able to help determine the best course of action to ensure optimal long-term planning.

Target Market

We are well positioned to help companies that require financing in excess of $250K (or a potential of that amount in the short term) collateralized by assets including equipment, receivables, inventory, property and vehicles as well as for senior and convertible debt, mezzanine financing and investment.


We only engage in mandates where we feel that we have a reasonable chance of success. We are diligent in executing confidentiality agreements and operate with utmost respect, discretion and professionalism.


Galsa Capital regularly establishes credit facilities for companies in the form of equipment financing, refinancing assets, bridge loans, debt, subordinated debt, investment and more. We have a significant network of Canadian “Schedule A” banks, “Schedule B” banks, US-based banks and finance companies, para-governmental bodies, pension funds, equipment and vehicle leasing companies, asset based lenders, structured financial lenders, private lenders, and other sources.